Your Meditation Sanctuary

The Hermitage

The Hermitage is Singapore’s very first urban zen sanctuary.
We exist as a tranquil space to meditate and unplug from the everyday hectic city life.

Set against the historical backdrop of a conservation shophouse, our humble abode is sure to help you drop all your mental baggages right as you walk in. We are here to redefine living and bring zen into the city.

Often, there is a misconception that meditation is about stopping all thoughts. The mindfulness meditation practice is actually very simple. Our skillful teacher’s lighthearted approach to guiding the session will help ease you into the present moment with each breath.

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The space is also open for your personal practice when classes are not in session. Be it sitting in silence or meeting like-minded individuals, The Hermitage is the place to be.

Just let us know in advance when you are popping by!

What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practice of re-establishing peace within yourself and understanding your mind. It is a relieving moment to take some ‘me-time’ for yourself.

Meditation offers the opportunity for you to settle your mind into a certain degree of stillness in order for you to be aware of the flickering thoughts going through your head. With a calm introspective mind, you will be able to truly see and understand the fabricated mental barriers which separate you from inner peace.

Why Should You Meditate?

We are often caught up with endless thinking that leads to mental suffering. The reason we suffer is because we want things to go according to our expectations. We expect situations to be exactly like how we think about them and when things do not turn out the way we expect them to be, we start freaking out and rushing irrationally into delusional conclusions.

This usually results in turmoil and aversion because we often forget to reflect on the situations and verify whether our reactions also came from a preconceived structure of thoughts. Through meditation, we can understand these for ourselves and break free from the habitual patterns of the ego, and we can experience true freedom.

Benefits of Meditation

We have already lost touch with ourselves by living through different roles each day and taking them to be our identities. We jump from one identity to the other, snowballing the feelings and emotions associated with them.  Whenever we are lacking in one identity, we try to ignorantly supplement them in another. This is the problem with mistaken identities.

Meditation allows us to have direct knowledge that they are not our identities, but roles and responsibilities to fulfil. Returning to ourselves by dropping all those mistaken identities will help process our emotions and settle the mind to its natural clear and bright state, removing all limitations of our true worth. It is precious time to drop all those mistaken identities to find out who we truly are.