Hendrick Phua

Hendrick Phua is a meditation teacher, mindfulness coach, writer and former buddhist monk. Known affectionately as ‘DK’, he has been teaching meditation and building mindfulness communities since 2012. His clients include professionals from both private and government sectors, business owners, caregivers, school students, educators, coaches, homemakers and retirees. As an author, he has published two books ‘Garden of Mangala’ and ‘Daydreams of a Millennial Monk’.

From sleaze to zen as he calls it, DK’s search for happiness and meaning began in 2011 when he felt empty in the materialistic world. That led to him uncovering meditation in Thailand and travelling extensively to learn from various teachers and traditions to master the pragmatic application of ancient wisdom. He spent most of his time living and practicing intensive meditation in the forest monasteries of Thailand, and Engaged Mindfulness and Applied Psychology in Plum Village France, the mindfulness practice centre of world-renowned Zen master and author Thich Nhat Hanh. DK also attended intensive meditation retreats in Thailand, India, Malaysia and Australia.

Outside of retreats, DK continued to teach mindfulness and guiding others in meditation. He avoided intellectual discussions and presenting spirituality as a topic by translating his insights into a simple and integrated way that brings meaning and ‘zenness’ into everyday life. His light-hearted style has been well-received by his students from around the world.

Having experienced profound transformations through his journey, DK felt compelled to walk alongside society so that he can guide more people in developing mindful lifestyle choices. In 2017, after training as a monk for half a decade, he made the decision to ‘descend the mountain’ and return to Singapore. With the blessing of his teachers, Ven. Dr. Mahaviro and Ven Dr. Mahavichit, DK disrobed and founded The Hermitage, an urban sanctuary where he conducts meditation classes and mindfulness training to people from all works of life.

DK is also a non-paper certified teacher in various esoteric disciplines, such as Tantra, Reiki and the sacred art of ancient alchemy. When asked what that means, he often jokes, “I lived and practiced in the forests and mountains. What’s the use of paper when I lived amongst the original source? Make a trip to those forests and mountains, and perhaps you’d find out how they certified me!”

Concurrently, DK is also a consultant and content developer for a meditation app, moderator for ‘Meditation in Singapore’, and co-organiser for ‘Singapore Mindfulness Meditation’ and ‘Singapore Free Meditation’.

DK also works alongside leading psychologists and mindfulness experts to design mindfulness programs for caregivers and palliative care. Some of his clients include Singapore Cancer Society, Caregiver Alliance and Assisi Hospice.

Deron Ling

Deron Ling is a Doctor of Holistic Medicine certified by the Faculty of Medical Studies Medicina Alternative Institute, affiliated to The Open International University for Complementary Medicine (ALMA ATA 1962), certificate approved by the United States Licensing Authority.

Deron Ling at the age of 26 met his guru His Holiness Shantananda Saraswathi and Was given the name Dharmadasa Saraswathi Under the Saraswathi linage of sages.

Under His Holiness guidance Deron was initiated into the most secret and profound Sri Vidya. Seeing his potential His Holiness sent him to upgrade his knowledge and study under many great masters from various traditions. Deron furthered his studies in tantric Buddhism and Taoism. Upon completion of his studies Deron came back to His Holiness and was given the task to travel round America and Asia to teach meditation therapy and spreading the teachings of His Holiness on self healing with Sri Vidya.

He is also a noted teacher in meditation therapy, Medicine Buddha Lapis Lazuli energy light Healing and has taught many students in Asia and the United States. He is closely affiliated to the ‘Path of Light Center’ USA California and has conducted many healing modalities there. Garuda Grace Light, a healing modality base on the principles of Ayurveda, is one of the many courses he had conducted there. He is also the creator of ‘Only Love can Heal’, a holistic healing workshop specially for women. He also participated as a guest speaker in the World Congress of Holistic Medicine held in Chiang Mai Thailand on April 2004.

Deron was also featured in the Straits Times, 2005 April 6, under mind your body living well on the topic of ‘Yoga for Men’.

A practitioner of the Ancient Iching, Deron also has vast experience in the field of Vedic Astrology and geomancy, brining the ancient wisdom to practical application. He has been advisor to people from all walks of life from government officials, businessmen to students etc.

He also travels extensively giving lectures and talks to groups, office and Spiritual Institutes. His personal philosophy is to guide students and clients to develop self responsibility and self love to heal at a holistic level of body mind and soul.